What is this story about eSIM taking over the world? Are these kind of SIM cards that popular in the future?

eSIM? You must have read it somewhere, eSIM is coming to the Netherlands. T-Mobile is the first provider in the Netherlands to offer an eSIM subscription. But what exactly can you do with it? And is it really something for you? In this article you will get the information you want. The beste sim only deals have a lot of use in this area and ESIM can play a pretty big role in this.

What exactly is eSIM?

eSIM stands for embedded SIM and is therefore a built-in SIM card. This digital SIM card is already in your phone. So you don’t have to put a physical SIM card in your phone anymore. Your new provider activates a new mobile phone subscription without sending you a new SIM card by post. Your provider will then give you a QR-code with which you can download an eSIM profile on your phone.

Can I also use eSIM?

eSIM has existed in the world for some time now, but until recently not in the Netherlands. Dutch providers like KPN, Vodafone, Youfone, Simpel, hollandsnieuwe, Simyo, Robin Mobile, Lebara, Tele2 don’t have this possibility yet. T-Mobile has recently become the first provider to offer regular and eSIM Only subscriptions with eSIM.

But besides the fact that your provider has to support this, you also need a smartphone that supports eSIM.

Which phones support eSIM?

Currently only Apple has a number of phones that support eSIM. Do you have an Apple iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro or Max, iPhone Xs, iPhone XS Max or an iPhone XR? Then you can use an eSIM.

But what can I do with eSIM?

Besides the fact that it is easier and more durable not to use physical plastic SIM cards, eSIM has another big advantage, namely dual sim. Dual sim means that you can use two phone numbers at the same time in your phone. For example, do you now have a business phone and a private phone? Then you can replace it with one phone and two subscriptions.

You can also add a local data subscription when you are abroad or a separate subscription for calling and mobile internet.

The advantages of eSIM at a glance

  • Being available on two numbers (e.g. business and private)
  • Switching between different subscriptions
  • Faster and easier subscription switching
  • You don’t have to throw away your old plastic SIM card.

How do I get an eSIM Only subscription?

If you have a previously mentioned device, you can choose from various call and data bundles online at T-Mobile for 1 or 2 years. T-Mobile will then help you to activate the eSIM only subscription on your device. Would you like to make cheaper calls and experience the advantages of an eSIM? Simply switch to T-Mobile.

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