Looking for San Diego Foundation Repair?

San Diego Foundation Repair
It is an unfortunate and little known fact that almost all residential foundations have some basement foundation cracks in their concrete walls. These cracks typically occur in wall or window corners, around holes for service lines or rod ties, and in pour lines. There are a number of causes to for these cracks and the rest of this article will discuss a few of those causes in more detail.


Looking for San Diego Foundation Repair?

Concrete is the most commonly used material in residential home foundations and is made by mixing mortar, plaster, water, and various types of aggregates like gravel, crushed stone, and gravel. The amount of water used is critical to the strength of the cement. The less water in the mixture, the stronger the cement will be. But by adding more water the concrete is easier to maneuver but less durable. Impure water can also be a problem and can cause settling or premature failure.

Rapid Concrete Curing
After concrete has been placed it needs to be properly cured in order to ensure maximum strength an increased resistance to cracks. Concrete takes a large amount of time to cure and requires a moist, controlled environment to achieve full potential. If the concrete drys too fast shrinkage will occur and the concrete will not gain full strength and cracking can occur. Crack’s in your home’s foundation could be the cause of concrete that was improperly cured.


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